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Turning Your Garage


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Maintenance Free Garage Flooring Top Coat Installation

 Our Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings Are Installed To Last

Ultimate Garage Floors located in Stephens City, Frederick County VA is a Northern Virginia business-owner-operated company with over 20 years of professionally trained residential & commercial flooring services, specializing in a variety of durable floor coating systems to meet your specific needs including epoxy garage floors. We have experience installing polyurea top coatings and epoxy garage floors for both residential and commercial applications. Because we only use high-quality industrial-grade products requiring specialized equipment and training, our floors should never be confused with do-it-yourself kits. Our proprietary methods, combined with more than 20 years of specialty coatings experience, ensure professional results. In addition to floor coatings, we also offer garage cabinets, wall organization systems, and overhead storage racks with installers serving Northern Virginia, and surrounding areas.

At Ultimate Garage, we understand the longevity of our company is dependent upon repeat business and referrals from highly satisfied clients. This can only be accomplished by providing you with the highest level of workmanship and attention to detail. Our goal isn’t simply to meet your expectations, it’s to exceed them, and the continued growth of our business depends on satisfaction with our clients.

Ultimate Garage Floors specializes in high-grade and durable epoxy floor systems for a variety of applications including the Ultimate Garage, game rooms, laundry rooms, utility rooms, basements, as well as many commercial applications. Our installers at Ultimate Garage Floors have over 20 years of specialty coatings experience, including epoxy garage floor systems, and other concrete coating solutions.

If your garage has become a room of wasted space, our team at Ultimate Garage Floors LLC can turn it into a highly organized, aesthetically appealing room. We install custom cabinets to make the most of wall space and to provide the storage you need to keep your tools, storage, and appliances out of the way. We also coat garage floors for a unique finish. Hang your favorite hobby accessories from the ceiling with our ceiling racks. All our garage floor coatings, cabinets, and racks come with a lifetime warranty so that you can trust in the quality of our products and installations. To get a free estimate, call 540-877-6075 today.

Our Experts are installing Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings and Garage Storage Cabinets every day. In fact, the Epoxy / Polyurea Garage Floor Coating we install can be found on millions of square feet of concrete garage floors without failures. That is why Garage Experts offers a Lifetime Warranty on all of the Epoxy Garage Concrete Floor Coatings we install. The Urethane and Polyurea Topcoats we offer will make your concrete garage floor easy to clean and maintain while enhancing the lighting and leaving you free from worry about stains or spills.

Our garage remodeling services include:

Beautiful & Functional New Spaces

Our expert designers transform your garage into a space that fits your specific requirements. We offer cabinetry installations that are designed for durability and visual appeal because the practice doesn’t have to be plain. At Ultimate Garage Floors, Inc., we use only top-of-the-line building materials, ensuring the longevity of your cabinets. In addition, you can extend the lifespan of your garage floor via custom epoxy coatings that protect against spills and stains.

Make the Most of Your Garage

You might be surprised at how many storage configurations can fit in your garage once you begin designing with our team. We can maximize your storage space so that you discover more space than you thought you had in your garage. Even in spaces where a whole cabinet can’t fit, we can install a slat wall storage unit, which fits snug against the wall and truly makes use of every dead space in your garage.

High-Quality Materials – Our products are made of the highest quality and the most durable materials. cabinets and commercial grade flooring, our products are guaranteed to get you organized and kept that way for years.

Contact our team at 540-877-6075 to get an estimate for your garage floors coatings.

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